Our mission is to help provide you with plastic free solutions, for a better more sustainable life, for you and the planet. Every change you make not only helps you do ‘your bit’ but aides in helping conservation in your area. We will be testing and reviewing products we have found that helps our household make those small steps in behavioural change and doing our bit for OUR planet. If you want to get involved we welcome any recommendations and content that helps spread the word in our mission to reduce our plastic footprint.


Make a change!

Our mission is to find, test and let you know about the best plastic free products on the market today. 

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Featured products will appear here as and when we have tested them!


The latest news and view on our plastic free activity, and anything we want to share to help spread the message in reducing your plastic waste footprint.


Beach clean 2019

We’ll update you with what we’ve found on our regular plastic beach cleans

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Quick Tips to make a change!

At the shops out and about!

  • Get a reusable bag that you can pack and unpack your items with again and again!

  • Use your own containers at meat, cheese and fish counters

  • Take small reusable bags for fruit and veg

  • Get your bread from the bakery section in paper bags!

If you’re on the go...

In the bathroom...

  • Use soap bars instead of handwash - find sets that come plastic free!

  • Find shampoos, conditioner, moisturiser and deodorant in bar form without the plastic packaging

  • Look online for unpackaged toilet paper roll

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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”– Robert Swan, Author