Plastic has become perhaps the most talked about human created material of the last couple of years and It’s estimated that 8m tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans each year.

We all use plastic packaging and products everyday, its hard not to. Last year, Iceland the supermarket chain stood up to this problem and has attempted to lead the way – and others are beginning to follow suit. Iceland has pledged to eliminate plastic packaging on its own goods in five years. That’s some commitment which can only be commended.

So what can we do to reduce your own plastic waste and put pressure on supermarkets and manufacturers to move towards reuseable plastic items and hugely increase the amount of recycled plastic in their products? Here are 5 top tips:

1. Carry reuseable fabric shopping bags.

Almost a quarter of consumers surveyed earlier this year said they were extremely concerned about plastic packaging. More than half said they were doing what they could to reduce their use of plastic, this is a great way to start!

2. Try different Plastic free everyday products

Its estimated that 1bn plastic toothbrushes are thrown out each year, creating a lot of unnecessary waste. Try using bamboo toothbrushes instead which only take about six months to biodegrade back into the soil when you have to replace your brush. Ditch the plastic straws, We’ve found a great alternative here!

3. Recycle old plastic toys

All our kids grow up fast! Recycle old plastic children’s toys. Search for a toy library in yourarea to borrow from or donate to. And consider charity shops when looking for gifts, a one or two year old seldom knows the difference!

4. Carry a reuseable drinks containers

Coffee cups, water bottles or flasks; around 7m plastic-lined coffee cups are thrown away in the UK every day alone. Check out our favourite reusable bottle here!

5. Bin the cling film wrap for your food.

It cannot be recycled in most UK collections. A better alternative is foil which is recyclable, so use foil instead or reuseable plastic boxes.