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Sea-change or seachange, an English idiomatic expression which denotes a substantial change in perspective, especially one which affects a group or society at large, on a particular issue.

Based in the UK and with a family growing up in 2019, we wanted to do something that both educates our kids and sets an example to them in being more sustainable for all our futures. Our brand’s look is based around our ‘sea change’ logo, as we’re heavily influenced by well publicised plastic waste and its effect on marine biology.

So, while you might only buy some things a couple of times a year (clothes and higher priced items), I’m consuming drinks, foods and products in the home in plastic containers every day. Specifically, because so many small purchases require this one question… how can I reduce my need for plastic in this purchase?

Living day to day with a plastic-reducing focus has for me become like a walking method of positive action and social-economic accountability.

Having kids, every time I say no thanks to a straw, theres obvious change and reaction from them and they ask “why?” I’m taking my impact into my own hands. These accountable actions make my feel good because we’re living in alignment with something thats current in 2019, believe in and therefore, I’m far more likely to make a concerted effort to practice it in every situations of why I’m buying a product thats plastic!

I also am passionate about marine biology and the impact on our beautiful UK beaches. I’m a regular visitor to North Wales and nothing is worse than seeing whats washed up on our beaches day on day.

Hopefully by running this website I can do my bit, educate, recommend to others and change the way my purchasing behaviours can rub off on future generations to come!

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