Plastic free outdoor and camping tips

With Spring finally here, all our heads turn to summer plans and getting out in the great outdoors! Heres our tips if you’re thinking of going camping this year and how a few simple steps can ensure you have a great time and are environmentally conscious! This year at Glastonbury, one of the the U.K.’s biggest festival events with an estimated annual attendance of around 200,000 over the five days are banning the sale of single-use plastic bottles and hope to eliminate them entirely from their backstage and performer areas.

Replace cheap polyester plastic tents, gazebos or windbreaks and replace with durable bell tents, teepees and yurts made from natural unbleached or naturally-dyed canvas or cotton materials. Although more costly, they tend to last longer and the costs out weigh the conservation benefits!

Cut all plastic bags, banners and signs out of your experience and switch to cotton, wood, slate, metal and PVC-free or eco-foam board alternatives. We all love to customise but think of the planet over how you look to other campers!

Reuse tefon-coated plastic pots and pans and switch to non-coated pots and pans and wood or metal utensils for cooking. Wooden bamboo straws for drinking our evening drinks is another great way to do this too!

Reduce and reuse plastic foodware - we all need to use plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, dishes and containers on site but why not and replace with reusable glass, steel or ceramics.

Reduce and reuse plastic shoes and flip-flops and consider replacing with leather, canvas or natural rubber alternatives, they both last longer and are much more durable!

Reduce cheap plastic festival goods, badges or wristbands and choose natural or locally made items, especially if your heading to Glastonbury as this year its a big focus for them!

Avoid single use plastic water bottles and use reusable water bottles and cups. Bring your own or buy a 100% stainless steel alternative. Each year in the UK we drink 3bn litres of bottled water and 10bn bottles go to land ll. Marketing obscures the fact that absurdly bottled water is at least 500 times the cost of tap water, and isn’t necessarily any healthier - lets get our planet and countryside healthy! Reflll your water bottle at tap points, water kiosks and fountains on site.

Reduce facial wipes and ear buds and use organic cotton wool or reuse a strong organic cotton facecloth. We all need to keep fresh and clean but there’s many great products out there to help!

Avoid polystyrene takeaway cups and food containers and usereusable or compostable alternatives made from sustainably sourced paper, card or wood.

Most of all - have fun out there, we live in a beautiful country so by all doing our bit we can keep it that way!

Go plastic free this Mother’s Day 31st March 2019

Mothers Day is fast approaching on the 31st of March 2019 in the UK (don’t forget!). It got me thinking, the usual things I buy are usually flowers, toiletries and chocolates. All of which along with their packaging are consumed, enjoyed and thrown away with little time to last which leaves me this year in a quandary. Previous years gifts I’ve found and ordered are toiletry gift sets containing soap, deodorant, tooth powder and shampoo. All things I’ve bought before for my mum and wife but in different forms and from different stores. All of which are used and discarded in the bin so this year I’m going plastic free and ordering all the above but in one great set.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 19.03.36.png

This all in one set off Amazon Includes: Friendly Shampoo Bar in Lavender and Geranium with each bar handmade with Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils as well as being boxed in plastic free packaging. The Bio-white Peppermint tooth powder is remarkable, it whitens and cleans teeth naturally and has a fresh after-taste. All free from SLS, fluoride and glycerine. The Rosemary Deodorant bar is a natural, gentle deodorant bar, keeping your loved one or feeling fresh containing rosemary essential oils. It all comes in grease proof paper with a recycled paper sleeve, cutting your plastic footprint and doing your bit for the plastic free crusade!

Mums and ladies alike are going to love it! and you get extra mum points for doing your bit for the environment! If you have a sporty gym loving mum or wife to spoil why not something for the gym? Reusable non plastic bottles are a great way to hydrate without adding to the UKs plastic bottle problem.

Prince Harry urges action on single-use plastic bottles

He advises the boss of a Moroccan recycling firm to put "pressure" on big companies that manufacture plastic bottles.

The royal representative said the problem of single use avoidable waste needed to be tackled at its source. He made the comments during a conversation with Youssef Chaqor, the boss of a Moroccan company that recycles household products.

On their third day in the North African visit, the Duke and Duchess met Moroccan entrepreneurs who have started companies aimed at changing the country's social, economic and environmental issues.

Talking to Youssef Chaqor, who runs a recycling company called Eko-Geste, The royal asked if recycling in Morocco was like other parts of the world, “where they think they are recycling but they are not – it ends up being dumped”.

He went on to tell Mr Chaqor: “You need to put more pressure on the big companies.”

He said that while big companies might give money to environmental projects, “they are still producing single-use plastic bottles.

Another mic drop moment from the Prince as he stands up for a global issue that is gaining traction throughout the globe.

Beach clean Llandanwg North Wales - February 21st 2019

Today we as a family went down to one of our favourite beaches, it was a beautiful day and as a side to enjoying what is a clean, safe environment for us all we picked up anything we saw that is either has been washed up or left. There were a few plastic items we found and some old nets but on the whole the beach was clean and tidy and in a great state! The weather was very un-February like and was 16deg, we really wanted to get in the sea!

It was great to get out and about in the fresh air and educate our two children about having fun with an eco focus in which they loved to feel like they were doing their bit by looking for beach waste and plastic whilst having fun!

Review of POP DESIGN reusable bottle

I have wanted a reusable bottle for ages now but I have not been able to find one that suited me and would find practical for day to day use for work and the gym.

My colleagues have similar bottles that they use that they have in the office and travel with for work whilst commuting. I didn't trust the plastic ones to survive my in my bag on long journeys and seeing friends with similar I went to amazon and came across the POP DESIGN bottle.

I ordered one and I have now been using it for over a week. I have used it every day at work and at home replacing my usual bought and unreusable plastic ones. The design is funky and size of the bottle unintrustive. and also features a leak proof cap. I find this very useful as it goes with me everywhere now, even at the side of the bed. It is excellent value for money also!. I ordered the wood effect one as I wanted something that looked cool as well as being the best function wise.

It also makes me feel great knowing I’ve stopped using so many plastic bottles cutting down my daily use and plastic waste!

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 14.41.44.png