Review of POP DESIGN reusable bottle

I have wanted a reusable bottle for ages now but I have not been able to find one that suited me and would find practical for day to day use for work and the gym.

My colleagues have similar bottles that they use that they have in the office and travel with for work whilst commuting. I didn't trust the plastic ones to survive my in my bag on long journeys and seeing friends with similar I went to amazon and came across the POP DESIGN bottle.

I ordered one and I have now been using it for over a week. I have used it every day at work and at home replacing my usual bought and unreusable plastic ones. The design is funky and size of the bottle unintrustive. and also features a leak proof cap. I find this very useful as it goes with me everywhere now, even at the side of the bed. It is excellent value for money also!. I ordered the wood effect one as I wanted something that looked cool as well as being the best function wise.

It also makes me feel great knowing I’ve stopped using so many plastic bottles cutting down my daily use and plastic waste!

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 14.41.44.png