These are the products we’ve bought and tried out recently. We are moving towards being plastic free and whilst we’re not there yet, everyday changes means we’re moving in the right direction. These products are every day use and are part of our commitment to making those small changes that make a difference. Amazon is our recommended supplier of products but you are of course free to source any product yourself, they are based on our opinion only!

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Our favourite plastic free product that we’ve recently tried is the POP Water Bottle. It keeps your drink cold for 24hr, or warm for 12hrs. It’s Sweat & Leak-Proof has a narrow mouth & is BPA Free.

This has totally replaced my buying of plastic bottles to take water to the Gym or work and it does exactly as you need it. It makes me feel good knowing that my consumption of fresh water is high whilst removing the plastic waste that I was contributing too!

We’ve used the 500 ml bottle which is more than plenty but its also available in a 750 ml container and in 3 Colours.

We’ve found Amazon to be the most accessible place to get it with their reliability and confidence in buying many products from them.

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We used to give the kids straws all the time, these have replaced them in our household. They are 100% Natural & Eco Friendly, Biodegradable & Organic. Handy too when you buy off Amazon they Include a Cleaning Brush, Single Straw Case & Storage Bag. Reuseable? Yes.. Dishwasher Safe and of course Plastic Free! We recommend buying off Amazon with their reliable service and for finding the best price.

Products we love to help your everyday life!

Aswell as our favourite recommended products there’s a host of other products we think are great, check them out!

Disclaimer: No product is available direct through us and we are not responsible for the content of external websites or responsible for the handing or delivery of products we have recommended. We currently recommend buying off Amazon as they have the best prices available and are reliable in handling your order.

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