Approximately 13 billion plastic bottles are used each year in the UK. Only 7.5 billion are recycled.

Plastic bottle tops we find on drinks every day are NOT RECYCLABLE! and as with plastic bags they often end up at the bottom of the ocean. One albatross that was recently found dead on a Hawaiian island had a stomach full of 119 bottle caps.

Marine life falls prey to this problem on a daily basis. A sperm whale was found dead on a North American beach recently with a plastic gallon bottle which had gummed up its small intestine. The animal’s body was full of plastic material including other plastic bottles, bottle caps and plastic bags.

What can we do about it?

Avoid the need for bottled drinks altogether. You can save resources by drinking from glasses or reusable conatiners whenever possible when you at work, the gym or around the house!

Our favourite plastic free product that we’ve recently tried is the POP Water Bottle. It keeps your drink cold for 24hrs. or Hot for 12hrs. It’s Sweat & Leak-Proof has a narrow mouth & is BPA Free.

Carry a refillable, BPA-free bottle when you are on the go, and refill it whenever the option arises.