When you’re heading for the gym for a work out, your aim really is to get fit and be healthier, we get that. But how can you make a couple of easy changes to reduce plastic and help make the environment keep ship-shape too?

1. Replace plastic water bottles with reusable

We all take bottles to the gym for hydration, The simplest change you can start with is with your water bottle. 

Buy in a reusable bottle – thats BPA Free – to get you through your gym sesh instead of buying your water in a disposable plastic bottle from the supermarket. Not only is this better for the environment, but once you’ve bought one it can be used again and again so helps your pocket too!

2. Avoid straws with shakes and smoothies

We all buy a protein shake or smoothie post gym sesh. Many gyms have binned the giving out of straws, but if you are offered one, be conscious of its effects and say no. Its as easy as that!

Stats show that Britain uses around 8.5 billion straws a year and while they can be recycled, most plastic straws are too small and lightweight to make it through mechanical recycling machines. Many find their way onto beaches or find their way into the sea through plugholes and drains – and because they’re not biodegradable, they’re dangerous and fatal for marine life. Alternatively buy a product thats reusable!

3. Wear eco-friendly gym gear

It often comes down to cost and we buy cheap gym gear so why waste money investing in expensive gear? Gladly not just the more expensive brands that are now environmentally conscious. There are lots of high street and affordable brands doing their bit to reduce plastic and help the planet. Many using recycled plastic bottles to make the materials that create their products.

Sundried are our favourite ethical supplier of gym wear not only considering the environment but also not exploiting it’s workforce by paying low wages in poor conditions, using child labour or cause damage to the environment

4. Ditch the plastic bags

Get yourself a cotton or mesh bag for your gym gear, as using one of these will defo reduce plastic use. You can then throw it put it in the wash with your dirty laundry when you get home. 

Recent stats have shown that more than nine billion fewer plastic bags have been used since the 5p charge was introduced. Thats a great start! It’s an 83 per cent reduction side inception, so why should it stop at just our shopping, besides, we shop maybe once a week yet we go to the gym 2,3,4 times in our routines!

These are some easy steps for success! Any more please share with us!