Biography of the Plastic Species

Biography of the Plastic Species


Daphne Persoon

A graphic designer, frame catcher, creator, lover of things she sees around her and capturing it all in an imaginative way.

Daphne is a visual image maker from the Netherlands who is inspired by her wonder for the world around her. She makes accessible work, but incorporates deeper layers into it. From concept to visualization, complex information to understandable representation, to minimalist imagery in which only the core is visible. She also gets inspiration from psychology and she loves finding out what drives people and how can imagery can play a role in this. Daphne is versatile and can express her ideas in various visual media expressions like photography, film, animation, and illustrating, but her roots lie with her love for graphic art. After completing her education as a graphic designer, she started studying Image & Media Technology at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. There, she can combine all her visual qualities and she uses new media to bring her concepts and ideas into practice. Daphne is driven to discover new things, and in her work she is concerned with the conservation of nature and oceans. The biggest link with her new project about plastic species is that she likes to investigate how climate change and sustainability can best be portrayed.

Plastic species

At the moment, Daphne is working on a concept for awareness of plastic and pollution in the ocean. Her first project with this topic was Biography of the Plastic Species, a concept for which she made six A3 posters.

The images of Biography of the Plastic Species are inspired by images drawn for Darwin‘s evolution theory. She substituted the insects or animal species with a finite life cycle for single use plastics with an infinite cycle. Single use plastics. An 'animal species' that does not belong in the ocean, but if we don't do anything it will be the only species left... Daphne wants to show her new project to as many people as possible, to make people aware of plastic and pollution in the ocean and how our habits cause these problems.

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Six types have been created at the moment: “One Day Fly”, “Caterpillar”, “Honey Bee”, “Sea Shell”, “Grasshopper”, and “Mosquito”. Do you want to help Daphne on her mission to make the ocean and nature free of pollution? If so feel free to share these images! Follow her on Instagram and mention her name with the images.

Together we can change the future!

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